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1. Purpose

The WEBSITE is provided only for USERS’ convenience, therefore Our Company will never assume any and all responsibilities for the use of WEBSITE. USERS shall not make any profit by using the WEBSITE. Those who would like to use the WEBSITE for profit-making activity shall obtain permission (separately provided by us) from Our Company prior to the use of WEBSITE.

2. Modification

Our Company may, without notice, change or modify any information and specification of the WEBSITE by correction, revision, suspension and deletion thereof.

3. Copyright

All the works including information, specifications and programs provided by the WEBSITE are protected by copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights. USERS shall, therefore, comply with all the laws and regulations with regard to copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights. Our Company strictly prohibits any and all forms of duplication, disclosure, distribution, transfer, lease, translation, reproduction, alteration and quotation of our works without any consent of Our Company or other copyright holders.

4. Guaranty

Our Company seeks to make our information on the WEBSITE accurate and up-to-date. However, we cannot assure the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information on the site. Our Company, therefore, will not guarantee that the information thereof is right and appropriate.

5. Responsibility

We shall not assume any responsibilities with regard to any damages to a third party caused by the USERS’ use of this WEBSITE (regardless of direct use or indirect use).

6. Predictive Information

Our Company may provide predictive information for USERS’ convenience. The information may be changed in accordance with the changes in circumstances. USERS are kindly requested not to rely on the predictive information provided by Our Company. Please understand Our Company is not under obligation to update the information.

7. Links to Other Websites

The WEBSITE provides links to other websites for USERS’ convenience. Since Our Company is not responsible for any contents of the other websites, USERS shall use the other websites at their own risk and discretion. USERS shall also comply with the rules and regulations of the WEBSITE in case the USERS use other websites. USERS are allowed to make links to the WEBSITE except websites expressing negative remarks about Our Company.

8. Jurisdiction

Should USER of Our Company file a legal action against another party, the Jurisdiction shall be the one covering Our Company.